What Does Aged Care Mean and How Does it Apply to Elderly People?

Aged care is a term that describes services provided to older Australians who need day-to-day support and nursing care. Broadly, there are two categories of aged care: Home Care Services, and Residential Care Services.

Aged care provides help and support to older Australians as they move through their latter years – making every day as comfortable and satisfying as possible. Aged care services not only assistance the elderly, but they provide support and respite for family members and friends who are not able to provide care for their loved one. In fact, engaging an aged care service to provide support to an elderly family member can be an act of love and deep respect. By having a qualified carer provide day-to-day support and nursing services, family members and friends can then spend quality one-on-one time with their loved one.

Home Care Services

This category refers to daily support services (e.g. cooking, cleaning, and doing laundry) and nursing care provided to older Australians living in their own homes. Home care services are particularly useful for those living alone. This level of care is appropriate if the older family member can still manage to stay at home, despite any physical limitations. Many older Australians opt for home care services because they wish to stay in their own home and maintain their own daily routine for as long as possible. Their sense-of-place and connection with their family and community may be an important part of their identity. If the elderly person has reasonable mobility, does not need extensive nursing care, and just requires assistance with daily tasks, home care services are a valuable option.

Residential Care Services

This category refers to nursing and support services for older Australians that are provided within residential care facilities. These facilities are suited to those who are unable to remain in their own homes, or those who would like to be relieved of housecleaning and maintenance tasks – allowing more time for socialising and recreational activities. Residential care services are managed by charitable foundations, churches or other religious groups, local governments, the private sector, and community-based groups. These facilities are also monitored by government administrators to ensure that services meet the accredited standards of care.

Both Home Care and Residential Care services have their own advantages. For older Australians who still have what it takes to live independently, home care that offers nursing support, housecleaning services, and delivery of meals is a great option. However, if more extensive and continuous help – including medical support – is needed, then moving to a residential care facility is worth considering.

We understand that the decision to live in a residential care facility is significant. The choice of facility will depend on the physical needs of the person, but will also be guided by the values and social needs of the future resident. Family members and loved ones will also be involved in the decision-making process, and amongst other factors, will be guided by the quality of care offered, the location of the facility, and the available services.

CBCS offers Residential Care facilities in Cherrybrook, Glenhaven and Cardiff Heights. We also offer Independent Living options for those that enjoy a more active lifestyle. Our mission is to connect to the community through inclusiveness, valuing all people and demonstrating Christ’s love through a continuum of quality care. We are guided by a Christian ethos, and strive for high-quality care and excellence in all we do.

Contact CBCS today to talk to one of our friendly staff about our accommodation options.

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