What Does A Retirement Village Have To Offer?

One of the most challenging parts of our job here at CBCS is meeting with the families of would-be residents and seeing the emotion written all over their faces. They’re often wondering, what will it be like for our loved one to be living in a retirement community? When children see their parents getting old and infirm, it can cause a huge wellspring of emotions to emerge.

Often at times, we deal with sons and daughters who are even a little angry and resentful that they should have to even consider placing their elderly parents into a care situation with us.

Of course, we understand where this is coming from and we welcome an honest and frank discussion where all of the cards are laid on the table. It’s important that everyone understands what we offer before finally making the decision.

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What Makes For A Good Retirement Community?

Great retirement communities are not created without a great deal of loving care and vigilance. Our Christian ethos provides us with the structure to offer compassionate care, but we must always take care to maintain and live up to this ethos. After all, we are all subject to the passions of humankind, and it is our commitment to Christian values that truly sets us apart from many other aged care facilities.

Wondering what living in a retirement village is like? Take our independent living communities as a fine example of the way that we do things here at CBCS. These facilities offer a fantastic opportunity for the elderly to live their retirement years in an environment that is community oriented, supportive, and encourages independent living. For those people who are still mobile and active, our great retirement communities make perfect sense. More specifically, our independent communities offer the following that sets them apart from the rest:

  • Christian values: All people are created in God’s image, and we believe that everyone deserves the best of care. We are dedicated to connecting with the local community, encouraging a supportive community for our residents, and including everyone. Every one of our care facilities is supported by this underpinning Christian ethos and we strive every day to live up to it regardless of the challenges that come our way.
  • Community: One of the fundamentals of our aged care is the encouragement of support and bonding through community. Our independent living facilities offer community rooms where people can get together and be an active part of the local community with like-minded souls. As the elderly can often feel socially isolated, we believe that encouraging community participation is a great way for people to form new bonds and enjoy life.
  • Independence: We recognise that as people grow older they fear losing their sense of independence and control over their lives. Our great retirement communities offer residents the opportunity to continue living their own independent and active lives in an environment that provides support when they need it.

A supportive retirement community is not created without great dedication and commitment to solid values. We believe that our Christian ethos not only provides us with the strength to continue looking after our residents to the best of our ability but also offers hope and peace to those who choose to be a part of our caring community.

Find out more about great retirement communities and residential care here.

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