Providing The Best Aged Care Nursing For Your Loved One

Aged care nursing is a discipline of nursing focused on providing exceptional care to elderly people.  An aged care nurse can work in aged care homes, residential facilities, hospitals or at someones home through a home care service.

Aged care nurses perform a broad range of duties during their shifts.  If they are also registered nurses, they distribute medication to patients or residents.  They constantly observe every patient that they care for, change dressings as needed, perform check-ups and make sure each patient’s needs are being met.

They also report their findings to, and liaise with the patient or residents doctor.  Registered nurses also manage caregivers and enrolled nurses’ workloads.

Like other nurses, aged care nurses document everything that happens during their shift.  This means they record which patients they’ve attended to, their observations, patients’ temperature and any other tests that they’ve performed, as well as every other task that they have completed for the day.

Aged care nurses also handle admissions.  When a new resident moves into an aged care home, the nurse will take care of the paperwork, show the resident around and help them settle into their new home.  During this time the nurse will liaise with the residents’ family regularly to make the transition as smooth as possible.

They develop and implement the nursing care given to residents.  They provide leadership by directing, supporting and supervising the care given by nursing assistants.  Aged care nurses are the key personnel qualified to monitor, plan, implement, and evaluate nursing services.  They are in the ideal position to collaborate their results with service providers and health professionals regarding management, coordination, and delivery of care.

The nurse will not only provide ongoing support to the resident but also to their family.  If the family has any questions or the slightest fear or concern, they will require help and support.  A skilled aged care nurse will help the family and also the resident to solve any problem and ensure that everyone is happy with the outcome.

Considerations that aged care nurses assess can include ‘are they uncomfortable in any way?  Are they in a social setting that they don’t like?  What do we know about this person and what can their life history tell us?  Aged care nurses are constantly and compassionately analyzing patients’ information to enable them to provide the highest level of care possible.

Aged care nursing has undergone enormous change into a more compassionate and patient-focused service.  Christian Brethren Community are leaders of this change and provide several flexible aged care and nursing options, as well as being person-centric.  They provide several levels of care and individualised client services and know exactly how much the simple act of caring matters.

Call Christian Brethren Community Services today to find out how they can provide your loved one with the best in aged care nursing on 02 9842 4111.

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