Worried About Over 55 Retirement Villages? Sydney Residents Dispel The Myths!

Developers and providers of retirement villages have made tremendous progress recently, giving our senior citizens vastly more inviting alternatives than the previously old and dingy nursing homes from decades past.  Still, myths and misconceptions about retirement villages can cause the elderly to discount these options.  Let’s dispel the top 4 myths about over 55 retirement villages in Sydney, which showcases some of the best retirement villages. Let’s cut through some of the misinformation out there.

Myth #1 Everyone knows your business in a retirement village.

The biggest concern about moving into a retirement village is loss of privacy. Everyone may knows your business if you’re an especially loud and very extroverted soul that chooses to share every detail of your day during social activities!  But as in your everyday life, residents are free to socialize as much or as little as they desire.  You have your own living space and it’s no different to living in a residential housing estate or a street with neighbors nearby.

Myth #2 My house is the better option for leading an active life and remaining connected with friends.

Among those 70-80 years and over, almost half report that they suffer from extreme loneliness.  This is double the rate of young adults.  The problem can be made worse when seniors choose to remain in their homes.  They often become more isolated as friends and family move away, or struggle with their loss of independent living.  Most over 55 retirement villages in Sydney will have a range of services to allow residents to remain socially engaged. Community buses are often available, and providers organise regular social outings such as picnics and special functions where residents can socialise and enjoy themselves.

Myth #3 Retirement villages are full of old people who are sick and dying.

This is one of the most off-putting thoughts that potential residents have about retirement villages and we completely understand this concern.  If a resident’s health is suffering, the best place for them to be is where they can remain under medical supervision, and where they can be provided with the best recovery services. However, for those in palliative stages of care, specialised and intensive services are more suitable than over 55 retirement villages and they will be directed to these residential aged-care services accordingly. Over 55 retirement villages in Sydney are a great place to find friends and activities with the security of knowing that they won’t have to move again as they become less able to live independently.

Myth #4 When I move into a retirement village I can say goodbye to my independence.

This mostly comes from the misunderstanding that a retirement village offers the same services as an aged care facility. A retirement village is in no way similar to a purpose built aged care facility where residents require low or high level care. A retirement village not only features on-site nurses but retirement villages are more about promoting an active lifestyle and encouraging your independence. You’re completely free to come and go as you please and enjoy your lifestyle in any way that you choose.

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