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Other Ways of Looking After Our Aged Citizens

Even though many people associate growing old with ending up in a nursing home, in residential care, or in assisted living units, there are in fact other excellent alternatives. Retirement villages that have been specifically designed to cater to the needs of older people are becoming more common in our communities and offer a great alternative for people who are growing older. Of course, many people interested in them wonder: can you rent in a retirement village?

There are actually all sorts of retirement villages in our community. Many of them are managed by a governing body, or even by the Church. There are even some that are owned by Churches and other bodies overseas, but are managed by locals that are employed by the owners. So, can you rent in a retirement village? In many retirement villages, it is possible to pay a peppercorn rent on the land, but this will vary depending on the managing body and the owners.

What Benefits Do Retirement Villages Offer?

Unlike nursing homes, retirement villages are not designed as high dependency caring facilities. In fact, many retirement villages simply nestle amongst our suburbs and look like any other collection of units. The major difference is that only people over a certain age qualify to live in the retirement units.

Retirement villages are especially suited to older people who are still independently mobile, do not have high dependency nursing or care needs, and simply want to live in a community amongst people of their own age. But what benefits does this type of independent living offer? Consider the following benefits:

  • Freedom: For many people the thought of growing old causes a great deal of fear and apprehension. Part of this fear is about losing control and independence, but it is useful to understand that growing old is not something that happens overnight. Retirement villages represent an excellent intermediate step between retirement from the workforce and old age. People in retirement villages are typically socially active in the community, still drive their cars, and still have family.
  • Facilities: While not a high dependency nursing home, many retirement villages are actually designed to cater to the specific needs of older people. Many such facilities are gated communities to provide extra security; many feature their own general store or newsagents for the convenience of residents there; many feature pools and parks; and many feature on-site halls for meeting and organised social activities.
  • Social: Retirement villages are a great way to socialise with peers. The on-site halls, parks and organised activities are designed to bring people together and form real community bonds. These bonds and connections are invaluable, as we grow older and help to keep us healthy emotionally, physically, and psychologically.

Here at CBCS, we believe that everyone has the right to grow old with dignity and with the respect of others. The fear of growing old may be an issue for many, but our community offers many solutions, including retirement villages, assisted living, nursing homes, and independent living units. We are always happy to discuss options if one of your family members is in need of care.

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